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Thank you for your interest in the Insurance Industries. I hope you will find this very rewarding and challenging career. If you join our company, you become one of our Agency Owners/Partners. You will be appointed directly to the major Insurance Companies. Now you can start building your Own Agency and hire more agents to help you grow your own agency.
Ask yourself, are you Happy with your current IMO? Is your IMO a FIDUCIARY person?

If not, Start building your Own Agency and be our Partner:

1. You have to pass the 52 hours L & H certification. (Call me for 25%  Discount Code)

2. While you are completing your 52 hours, I would like you to write down all the names
    and contact numbers of your warm market, then call me.

3.  If you do not have Life Insurance yet, let me show you how to prequalify        
     yourself and your family, by filling up the Information Sheet and Health
     Questionnaires. It will be part of your training to prequalify yourself and your family. I 
     will be helping you prequalifying yourself, family and your warm market.

4. We have our own compensation plan to help you set your goal. if you focus on your
    TARGET, our compensation plan are very achievable.

5. Because of COVID-19 video conferencing is a must. Please call me to schedule
    video conferencing via zoom or google meeting at your own pace.

6. Once you completed your 52 hours certification, we will schedule your online CA
    State Exam. Once you pass your California State Exam, then you have to buy an
    Error and Omission called E&O insurance. Then I will appoint you to the major
    Insurance companies. We have almost 20 carriers to choose. Now, you can sell Life,
    Health Insurance and Annuity products to protect your clients hard earn money, like:
    401K, 403B, IRA, Roth IRA, CD's, etc. and Pensions, that will give them a lifetime
    income, meaning they will not outlive their hard earn money.


American International Group, Inc., also known as AIG, is an American multinational insurance corporation with more than 88 million customers in 130 countries. As of 2015 AIG companies employed around 65,000 people with 515Billions in assets.

As one of the leading providers of fixed annuities, you can rely on our strong portfolio of solutions designed to help you achieve your retirement income goals. We're here for the long term. Together with our acquired companies, we have a proven track record of serving customers for more than 100 years. That means policyholder protection is and always has been our number one priority.
Achieve more with Athene USA.


Our mission is a true reflection of who we are and the values we believe in. Our partnership with you, our customer, is our main focus. We are a leader in the industry because we value our partners, offer high-quality products and provide superior customer service.  

Purchasing insurance is an important life decision. And, we understand that there are many options available. That's why it's an honor to serve you and partner with you during these important life moments.

Since 1910, NGL has been committed to guiding our customers as they plan for their financial future. As one of America's most successful, independent mutual life insurance companies, we are licensed to do business in 49 states and the District of Columbia.

Global Atlantic’s Forethought Life Insurance Company named to Ward’s 50 top life and health performers


Company named to list for seventh consecutive year

Indianapolis, IN — Global Atlantic Financial Group’s issuer of annuities and preneed life insurance, Forethought Life Insurance Company, has earned a spot on the 2016 Ward’s 50® list of top life and health insurance companies. This is the seventh consecutive year that the insurer has been included on this list. 

Ward’s 50 is published annually by Ward Group, an Aon Hewitt company and the leading provider of benchmarking and best practice services for insurance companies.


Our Cause Is Our Story

At National Life Group, we are a mission-driven and purposed-filled business. For us, the cause of what we do is as important as the products we sell. 

And our cause is a very simple one, directed at the people who live and work on America’s Main Streets: To Do good in our communities and with the individual families we serve.

For more than 168 years, we have aimed to keep our promises to provide families stability in good times and in bad. And throughout that history, we have provided peace of mind to those families as they plan their futures.

But our mission extends well beyond the insurance and annuities policies that we sell. Our cause is also to make the world a better place through grants from our charitable foundation, paid time for our employees to volunteer at nonprofits, environmentally sustainable and healthy work sites, and fun, family friendly events that promote the work of nonprofits in our own backyard.

We invite you to explore what we have to offer and to join the cause.

At National Life, our story is simple: for more than 168 years we’ve worked hard to deliver on our promises to millions of people with our vision of providing peace of mind in times of need. It’s our cause, stemming from a deep passion to live our values to do good, be good and make good, every day.

North American Company  Unwavering Customer Commitment Since 1886

     Guarantee Builder - IUL                         As one of the leading providers of life insurance and annuities in the United states,                                                                      North American has continuously fulfilled commitments to our customers since                                                                           1886. Families and businesses alike have counted on us to be there for                                                                                        them during their most challenging times, and to help prepare them for the good                                                                          times ahead. We have been doing this for nearly 130 years through outstanding                                                                          customer service, competitive insurance and retirement solutions, and a                                                                                      foundation of financial strength. This unwavering commitment helps our customers                                                                      focus on the things that matter ost to them.



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