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Create your own Lifetime Income Benefits with

4 Living Benefits Protection.

We offer, Protection with:

           4 LIVING BENEFITS

There are additional benefits associated with our life Insurance and annuity solutions provided by optional riders. We call them Living Benefits, providing since 1937. Based on the product, living benefits can provide benefits should a qualifying Critical, Chronic, Terminal  Illness or Critical injury occurs, or if your desire is to have an income that you cannot outlive.


  Would you like to learn more?

1. Understanding Life Insurance with Living Benefits

     A. Living Benefits - There's More to Life

2. What type of Life Insurance Policy is Best

3. Mortgage Protection

4. Financial Checklist for Newlyweds

5. NLG Promise Brochure - Spanish

6. Client Videos

The best way to understand the impact living benefits can have is to hear from policy owners who have actually used them.


For Annuities, we have number of carriers that offers, an Investments, like Fixed

Index Annuity that will PROTECT your PRINCIPAL from downward market and

gives you a Guaranteed Lifetime Income Withdrawal.

We focused on providing high quality services and customers satisfaction.  


We will do everything we can to meet your expectation."

                 Ven Macatangay Reyes

You can grow your retirement nest egg despite of uncertain markets and protect your family from an uncertain future. You can do it all with one insurance policy, the one that's right for you.

Single Biggest Benefits in the TAX Code: 

  • IRC #101 Death Income is TAX FREE

  • IRC #72e Growth TAX FREE

  • IRC #7702 Access your money TAX FREE


INVITE US, we do Home  and Office seminars, so we can discuss your Alternative to 401K and to secure you existing 401K from uncertain market.




Indexed Universal Life Benefits:  

  1. Guaranteed not to participate in Stocks Market Losses ( If the market goes down, zero gain not Negative )

  2.  Money is Liquid. ( You can access your money prior to 59-1/2 without penalty )

  3. No Market Risk and No Tax Risk

  4. Tax Free Growth

  5. Do Not Pay Income Tax during retirement

  6. Tax Free in Death Benefit ( Goes to Heirs, Pay Debt, etc.)

  7. Mirror the Growth of S&P 500  

  8. Living Benefits ( Accelerate Death Benefit, Value Anytime when Critical, Chronic, Terminal Illness or Critical Injury Occurs )

  9. Extend Retirement without outliving your retirement money.

  10. Move your money from Account that are Forever Tax to Account that Never Tax

Understanding IUL

For Educational purposes only!

Below are from YOUTUBE Footage.


CPA, Ed Slott ( Tax Free Retirement using IUL )

About your 401k

What is IUL?

IUL vs 401k - Which Is Better?

Understanding Indexed Universal Life (IUL)

(Spanish version)

College Funding Program using IUL

Understanding Fixed Indexed Annuities (FIA)





Fixed Indexed Annuities

      A. Provide clients upside potential as well as downside protection. 

      B. When "lightning strikes" the Power of Zero protects clients who have Index Annuities.

      C. Minimum Guaranteed retirement income you can't outlive. 

      D. Safeguard your principal and interest even in a down market

      E. Guaranteed Interest UP TO 12% of your Income Value, plus Bonuses.

      F. Double your INCOME VALUE in 10 years and the ACCOUNT VALUE is protected.

      G. Double you Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)

Find out what an ANNUITY can do for you.

The Barclays Trailblazer Sectors 5 Index is Now Available on FG Life-Elite® FIUL

The Barclays Trailblazer Sectors 5 Index features:

  • Annual Point-to-Point

  • No Cap

  • Zero Spread1

  • 185% Participation Rate1

Need more Income in Retirements with F&G

Build Your Plan with Athene

Certificate of Deposit


              Single Premium Life vs. CD Comparison

 Its CD renewal time for your senior clients and what better time to introduce them to an alternative product that provides them benefits and returns no CD on the street can match:

  • Indefinite tax deferral

  • Up to 3% guaranteed interest

  • Up to 12% one-year pt.

  • Chronic Illness, Critical Illness and Critical Injuries benefits – tax-free

Your clients don’t know what they are missing until you let them in on this well-kept secret. 


How Does F G Index-Choice 10 Annuity work?

YELP review

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